The award-winning construction and real estate law firm of McNelis + Associates, PLLC is uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive and superior legal expertise and guidance to our clients and their staff on all matters related to the construction and real estate development industries.

  • “You’ve been an invaluable assistance to our company in issues pertaining to collections and Texas lien laws. On this complex area of law, you have been both knowledgeable and understandable. Thank you for being responsive to our needs and for professionally representing our company”.

    T&D Moravits & Co.

  • “I gotta tell you again that I keep reading the judgment and settlement agreement and pinching myself, smiling ear to ear. Within an hour of the first time I called you, you were literally at my [office] in person to help; you named the expert and shepherded him through this, filed the answer yourself, coached me at each critical decision point, then right on cue swooped in and settled the case on terms of unconditional surrender by the [opposing party]. We are most impressed, and very grateful. Thank you.”

    Brad B.

  • “I appreciate your prompt, courteous manner and the professionalism with which you conduct yourself. Thank you again for always doing such a great job!”

    Kerry P.
    Construction Manager

  • “YOU THE MAN AT-A-BOY-AT-A-BOY-AT-A-BOY-AT-A-BOY, that’s enough.”

    Ironhorse Ironworks, Inc.

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The value of timely and competent legal advice should not be underestimated. At McNelis + Associates, PLLC we strive to provide our clients with the very best of our award-winning expertise throughout our engagement. Achieving our clients goals’ is our first priority. If we can ever be of service to you or your company, we urge you to contact us directly at 210.826.2440 to schedule an appointment. Come learn what our team of experienced attorneys can do for your company.

Disputes among owners and contractors, sureties and claimants, and between the trades themselves, are a near-consistent fact of life on both simple and complex construction projects. As every commercial transaction involves some degree of risk that a dispute may develop, business clients will inevitably find themselves in need of competent and proficient legal counsel to access the merits of its position and to develop the strategies best calculated to reach successful results.

Where the dispute has progressed to litigation or arbitration, highly skilled and committed legal representation is required to develop and implement settlement and/or litigation strategies and, ultimately, to persuasively represent the interest of the client before courts, juries, arbitrators and/or mediators. McNelis + Associates, PLLC has highly qualified and experienced litigators who specialize in dispute resolution and who possess an excellent record of success in a wide range of construction and real estate cases. By litigating effectively, employing a broad range of dispute resolution strategies and techniques, and working closely with our clients, we are able to resolve the vast majority of commercial disputes well in advance of trial in a cost-effective manner.